ASCII Battle Royale was made for LD41, which had the "Combine 2 incompatible genres" theme.

Experience all the thrills of the battle royale genre like not finding weapons, not finding ammo for your weapons, being headshotted without knowing where the shot came from, and so on, now in text format!


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эта игра хороша , потому что здесь я выиграл


you cant play it its to hard u have no chance of winning when every second your getting killed

good game just listen to comments

I won once, but only used a knife. Make ammo more common.

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Only had a firearm with it's type of ammo once. I died before i could use it. Very accurate. Best place i got way 29th

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it's very unfair and i'm always the first to die. so very accurate. 10/10

i kinda wish guns started with one bullet in them or something.


I survived longer than most PUBG matches. 10/10 game.