The year is 30XX. With the advancement of science, humans were able to create industrial humanoid robots.

"SENTRYBOT 3000" is a new generation of robots which could be very dangerous. If "SENTRYBOT 3000" were to break the first rule of robotics, "a robot must never harm a human being", the results would be disastrous and no force on earth could stop them.

Many tests will be required before we can safely confirm their reliability. Unfortunately I will not live to see that day, but I have you to carry on my work. Therefore, I've decided that you, Scientist #4792, is going to test their internal systems until their reliability has been confirmed. Do not release them into the world until that time.

"SENTRYBOT 3000" possesses great risks as well as great possibilities. We can only hope for the best.

SENTRYBOT 3000 is an arcade game that puts you in charge of testing a new generation of robots. Inspired by classic arcade titles like "Berzerk" and "Robotron 2084", you'll need to be quick on your reflexes to avoid incoming shots on a game that gets progressively harder. How many seconds can you last? Each one of the 3 achievements unlocks a different color palette. Can you unlock all of them?

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