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Few weeks after the Soviet Union successfully made the whole world communist following Sputnik's global broadcast of the USSR anthem, some countries started turning capitalist again - the first one being the United States of America. And it was already bringing capitalism to other countries.

Soviet scientists discovered that the conversion to communism would only work permanently after several years of uninterrupted broadcasting of the Soviet anthem. Since launching so many Sputniks into orbit would cost way too much (meaning there would be no money left for weekly military parades), the Soviet Union decided to take an offensive approach - invade the enemy territory.

However, sending human soldiers by plane would be way too dangerous, since USA air defenses were quite advanced. Therefore, scientists created L.A.I.K.A. (Lenin Artificial Intelligence Killer Agent), a robotic soldier dog, which would be launched into orbit from the newest Soviet satellite, Sputnik 2, and land into USA after falling from space.

Due to time constraints, the soviet scientists couldn't actually implement a working Artifical Intelligence for the robot. The solution was to make it remotely controlled, receiving commands sent from USSR via satellite, thus making L.A.I.K.A. the perfect long-distance capitalism fighting weapon.

You have been selected to operate L.A.I.K.A. in this important mission for the glory of the motherland, comrade. Don't screw up, otherwise you'll be making an extended trip to the cold north!


Sputnik 2 - Mission L.A.I.K.A. 79 MB

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