A downloadable game for Windows

Do you have what it takes to take the most radical bath on Earth?

Free for Fall is a fast paced, action arcade game about skydiving without a parachute while shooting mecha eskimos and rocket penguins. Easy to play and hard to master, you'll need quick reflexes to rack up combos and complete each jump safely!

  • Upgrade your character through the 16 items available on the shop!
  • Collect 13 achievements to prove you're the best aviator lumberjack around!
  • Score big combos in a fast paced gameplay!
  • Scream in anger after watching the Game Over screen for the [insert a frustrating number here] time!
  • Curse at the developer for making such a difficult game!
  • And much (not really) more!

Free for Fall is a freeware game, 100% free. Download and take it wherever you want!

Music by Qumu Music - Youtube

Sound effects by Matthew Dear - Portfolio

(health insurance not included)


Free for Fall.exe 18 MB

Development log


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Free for Fall

Hey! Gracias por jugar Free for Fall!


I had a lot of fun with Free for Fall. Really nice work with the graphics, the controls. I would have liked for all the screen to be used if possible. Maybe in Free to Fall 2? ;)


Hey! Thanks for the gameplay on your channel!
Yeah, about the screen, that was a serious issue that would be pretty hard to fix on later dev stages...let's just say I fucked up. But yeah, expect a better resolution from my next games :P